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Its purpose is to help you when uploading documents to “web servers,” as they put it (in effect, uploading to One Drive).
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We can say, without hesitation, that every headache we’ve ever had upgrading a modern computer to a new operating system has been the direct result of our own haste and failure to follow good upgrade practices.For the most part modern operating systems are largely fool proof.Share Point updates should not be installed via MU/WU as they require manual intervention post-installation through the Config Wizard. CUs generally require more testing on your part, though. CUs include all updates between the previous Service Pack (and/or RTM) and the current month, including the security update.Whether you’re excited about Windows 10 or dragging your feet, it’s important to perform some basic steps before the upgrade process to ensure that your files (and sanity) are safe.It’s worth noting that the focus of this article is on what you should do before you upgrade.Aside from driver issues here or there, wrangling with old hardware, or other unforeseen problems the vast majority of consumers will enjoy a pretty smooth experience.The biggest problems typically crop up, however, when consumers fail to perform some basic house keeping before they upgrade.

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We're not in full production yet, so would be good to have this done now rather than later.You're using WSUS, but are you using it to its fullest extent?In this tips and tricks session, learn the best ways to architect and implement WSUS for the improved security of your organization.As all Share Point updates require the Config Wizard/psconfig to be run manually after each server has the patch installed, it isn't recommended to use MU/WU to automatically install Share Point patches. We never install every cu unless it fix one of the issue related to our farm.As CUs are cumulative and contains previous cu fixes, So we apply CU in our farm every 3rd quarter.The status says "An MSI install operation is in progress - please check the IM".