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Her best friend’s a plastic surgeon, and when her Beamer’s in the shop she rolls the Benz. Fifteen Minutes: You grew up in California and have been living there for almost all of your life. Now that I have been around the world, I definitely know that I am a California boy. MA: I think that if you’re going to come to my show, it’s pretty similar across the board. Some people think they are too cool for school and may be secretly enjoying themselves but not showing it. MA: That’s like knowing if you had good sex or bad sex. MA: Recently I played in Toronto, and somebody gave me a bunch of GHB. MA: My mom used to say, “For a good time call Mickey.” I know that is more than three words, but I think people think I am fun ... MA: The same things that get me in trouble are the things that make my lyrics. FM: It seems like you have been maturing a lot as a person. I kind of like that I make my living doing something else so that I can paint for myself. FM: You’ll be in town soon, so what’s your perception of Harvard? FM: You have listed some of your favorite artists as The Rolling Stones and Dolly Parton, but do you have any favorite Top 40 songs that are your guilty pleasures? FM: Do you have a tattoo that’s especially meaningful? I have a flying saucer on my wrist that my dad had on his neck. Are there any other women in your life at the moment?He pours a bucket of ice water over his head and lets out a joyful scream, then pulls two very young-looking groupies close, and the three of them start to kiss and grope one another.A nearby photographer grins and begins to circle around, shooting pictures, while a few feet away, a beautiful girl in a black designer dress kneels down onto the soiled carpet and vomits into a trash can, tears rolling down her cheeks.“I like a girl who eats and brings it up, a sassy little frassy with bulimia.The tight jeans he’s wearing are now strategically torn in back, and she can see the pale skin just inside. ” But as her manicured fingers near their target, he suddenly reaches down and squeezes her hand, then turns and shimmies off across the stage, raising a bottle of expensive tequila to his mouth and gulping it down like water. Is this the beginning of a full-scale glam-rock revival on the Sunset Strip?The girl falls back into the arms of her friends, smiling beatifically, her glossy lips parting to reveal a set of expensive-looking braces. .”Like a young Mick Jagger, the singer is shirtless and skinny, ugly and pretty. Despite the heady promise of drugs and debauchery coursing through the young and predominantly white crowd, not exactly.

August 29 // Chemical Brothers w/ Chromeo & Yacht @ Hollywood Bowl September 26 // Vampire Weekend w/ Beach House & the Very Best @ Hollywood Bowl October 5 // ARCADE FIRE @ Henry Miller Library October 13 // Corin Tucker Band @ The El Rey (someone should give me Sufjan Stevens tickets, aint got none of those)haha you are trying to talk about shit you know nothing about just stop, not saying i disagree with everything you said just saying your knowledge of the situation at hand is probably very minimal. Peace Mickey Avalon is a fucking sad joke that unfortunately got way out of hand.

A large, athletic boy bolts across the stage and tries to tackle the singer before he’s dragged off. They are perched on top of a booth, surveying the scene before them.“That dude used to be a homosexual prostitute,” one of them finally shouts over the loud music.“For reals? The first kid just shrugs, and they continue watching.

Raising the microphone to a face adorned with glittery, half-smeared makeup, the singer surveys the scene before him. Backstage after the show, Mickey Avalon strolls into the crowded dressing room like a middleweight champ in mascara and eyeliner.

She can’t be a day over 15, and she’s obviously wasted. He strolls across the stage holding a microphone, then grabs a noticeably drugged-out backup dancer and kisses her on the mouth. .”The singer’s head dips and bobs to a pounding beat emanating from the club’s sound system. The singer tosses his longish hair back and begins to “Mickey Avalon, dick thick as a baton, the illest motherfucker from here to Vietnam, I used to work nights on hot cock dot com, but then I got fired when my mom logged on.

He shoves her hard across the stage, and she stumbles in her heels and falls forward onto the floor, legs splayed apart in her short dress, eyes closed the whole time. His friend, also shirtless, stands next to him, leaning out over the crowd and pouring tequila into opened mouths as if delivering a communion. I’m on the run, my dad’s a bum, I asked my girl if she loved me and she just said — Toward the back of the club, two lanky African-American kids are dressed in the uniform of the serious hip-hop aficionado — T-shirts, baggy jeans and tilted baseball caps.