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I was in awe of the British: they were more sophisticated, intellectual, humorous. With the years, I realised I couldn’t be English, but the English did allow me to be me.” Back then, that meant wearing a lavender terry cloth robe and scouring the city for exciting subjects for his new-found passion, photography. “But I can’t, because there’s not enough work — it’s in America, Italy, France.I have to go where I work.” The work is nine to five, seven days a week.Mario Testino: 'When I photographed Diana, the first thought was, do I want to be the voyeur who respectfully photographs the princess in her tiara, or do I sit her next to me and do her like she is my mate? He doesn’t move his arms as he walks and, thanks to a long overcoat, it looks as if he is not moving his legs either. Over all, the impression he gives is of being a human log floating calmly on a rippling social pond.As Mario Testino moves through the café, customers and waiters alike step out of his way. His head seems pretty still, too, although this may be related to the black scarf he wears like a neck brace, fussily arranged so that each end is draped over a shoulder. He also has a certain style, as you would expect from the man who helped discover Kate Moss and Gisele, who became the favourite photographer not only of Diana, Princess of Wales, but also Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna, and who persuaded Sir Elton John to get on all fours for a Vogue shoot, so that Elizabeth Hurley could ride on his back.He sits down in a favourite corner – this is his local, around the corner from his house in Holland Park – and, as he sips a frothy coffee, he reminisces about the second time he photographed Madonna.It was in 1997, for the cover of her album Ray of Light. We’re done.” And I said, “But I don’t have the pictures yet.” She said, “You’re working for me and I say we’re done.” I said, “No, we carry on.” The picture she used on the cover came after that. I thought, I have to push my luck here, so I started keeking her like dis, with my foot.’ He gives me a demonstration, under the table. ” And I was, like, move here, move here,” and suddenly this created an eentimacy.

Available for £1170 from My Theresa, you can nab Kate's exact blazer with a few easy clicks.which provides creative direction, art direction, brand strategy, graphic design, film and stills production, digital and social media, product development, books, exhibitions, licensing and partnerships.followed by the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru and the University of San Diego.When you’re a rock chick through and through like Kate Moss, a decent black blazer from an edgy high fashion designer is a wardrobe essential.So we’re not surprised to see the ever-cool model sport one of her many Saint Laurent jackets on a recent fashionable outing.If somebody had told me that a photo of mine would be on the cover of a BA magazine that sells around the world, my name on the cover as if everybody is supposed to know me, I’d never have believed it.” What a turnaround for the youth who was taunted on the streets of his native Lima by boys chanting “faggot”.