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Who is chaz bono dating now

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As she faces her mortality, Cher wants to make it right.Over four years, sources say Chaz's romantic life has been pretty obscure. I do think women have a different idea when you ask them out for a date than what it actually is." Another pal said when Cher learned her son met a drag queen, and learned they were discussing wedding plans, she "freaked out." Chaz says he has no "insight into women" and has always identified as a male, despite being born female (Chastity Bono).Bono, who started pursuing acting professionally four years ago, has wanted to be an actor since he was a young child -- but he chose a different path, becoming a motivational speaker and authoring several books.Although the reason for his choice wasn't clear then, in hindsight, it's clear as day."I didn't know at the time that I was transgender, but I knew that I wasn't very commercial, and I didn't play female characters very well, so I felt like I had to find something different to do," he told AOL in an exclusive interview.As a parent, she didn't feel prepared and fully knowledgeable about the transgender process.Consequently, she didn't at all feel supportive of Bono when he needed her.

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Currently, the FDA does not permit the rumored medical treatment at this time. In simple terms, Cher is carrying feelings of guilt that she is largely responsible for the "agony" Chaz reportedly endured during his transition.

Chaz has reportedly been getting close to drag queen Shane Jenek [stage name: Courtney Act] over the past few months, and the two supposedly met while Chaz was a guest judge on and Courtney was competing.

The two hit it off, and although they’ll only cop to being ‘good friends’, sources close to them are saying that their romance is heating up.

I can understand her hesitation to hop on board if she’s worried about Courtney using her son for fame, but if her worries are solely concentrated on the fact that she’s a drag queen, then it definitely seems like an overreaction.

I mean, she was fine with Chaz being engaged to a rumored alcoholic, so how is this that much worse?