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We hope to see you there, but just in case you can’t make it, we’ll be airing The Lumineers’ set live on the air that night.

I remember my first time attending an Andrew Bird performance like it was yesterday. Bird perform in my hometown, in a super intimate setting, and so close to the man that I remember what colour his striped socks were.

His instrumentation leans on strings, percussive interludes, and his signature whistling, which can bring a song into happier focus or send it careening off into a despondent aside. It’s better than a music video because it’s got this context to it. But I was working on a song based on how every time I go into a massive big-box store, with those massive concrete floors, I feel like …

He is, in other words, a perfect fit for the world of ? I was on tour for a long time, and I stopped in Venice instead of going back to Chicago. Zach was talking about Bakersfield being Costco and Applebee’s. my life’s energy gets sucked out through my ears into the concrete, down to the pylons in the substructure.

When I saw Bird's name in the show's credits, it just made sense. I ended up writing a piece of music with the idea of it being a theme, and it’s a very complex piece of music, talking about beige strip malls and substructure parking lots.

Bird is a meticulous, prolific, and deeply empathetic musician. It’s actually based on an experience I had in a Costco — that was before I knew Costco was a character in the show.

List of the best Andrew Bird albums, including pictures of the album covers when available.

This Andrew Bird discography is ranked from best to worst, so the top Andrew Bird albums can be found at the top of the list.

His death on the cross and resurrection are the backbone of their belief systems.Zach Galifianakis plays Chip Baskets, a frustrated man who has grand visions of being a French clown (stage name: "Renoir"), but he flunked out of his Parisian clown school and now has to suck it up at home in the dusty deserts of Bakersfield, California. K., and ' appeal is its very specific feel, which combines Chip's fantasies of Parisian glamour and self-pitying cigarette breaks in his mother's coral-hued bathroom with Bakersfield's rickety rodeo and numerous strip malls.Krisel captures all this imagery beautifully, but he's also got a secret weapon: an original score by composer Andrew Bird. But that’s where I started — I was trying to write a theme that encapsulated Bakersfield.the Ego manifesting its predation and thus control the personality to do this or that.Looking at it all as the Big Picture, from above as it were; we are our own soul, interconnectedness to all Souls; who happen to be living in the material body that has Egos, during this round or incarnation.The four equal points stand for the natural elements of earth, wind, fire, and water, and the circle for the never-ending circle of life.