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The film stars Michael Angarano as a young misfit who fails his attempts to join the Marines and decides to serve his country anyway by trying to figure out if a casino manager is a terrorist mastermind.

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And okay fine, her latest movie—Whatever Works, which opens nationwide this weekend—is about the romance between a younger woman (played by her) and a balding, nebbishy older man played by Larry David—a film directed, not coincidentally, by Woody Allen, a balding, nebbishy auteur who has made many movies about balding, nebbishy men and the jailbait who love them. Wood at the Hotel Costes in Paris, France, where she was taking a much-deserved break from promoting Whatever Works and, I could only assume, catering to an endless queue of senior-age lovers. To the best of my knowledge, it's entirely fictional.)Eric Spitznagel: This movie is about the romance between a middle-aged man and a ridiculously hot underage woman. Melody and Boris don't actually kiss in this movie. As long as it's platonic, it's okay to have romantic feelings for an older man? As funny as that would've been, I'm glad we never crossed that line. Boris needs somebody to take care of him, and Melody loves taking care of people. So you wouldn't be opposed to exploring your Lolita freaky side? In Down in the Valley, I was sixteen and my character had a relationship with Edward Norton. Lolita's not exactly the most wholesome role model for a teenage girl. I didn't want that, but I definitely wanted my fangs to be intimidating. I'd been wanting my own vampire fangs for quite some time.

And yes, there were tabloid rumors (likely untrue) that Wood was involved in some tonsil-hockey with Mickey Rourke, who played her deadbeat daddy in last year's indie hit The Wrestler, and even more tabloid rumors (likely true) that she's currently dating Shane West, who played her older brother on the long-since cancelled ABC drama Once and Again, which would seem to suggest that she has a thing for fictional incest. I'm only interested in asking her about the craft of acting, and her devotion to truthful story-telling, and blah blah blah, okay whatever, yes fine, I want to know about the older men. Other than Woody Allen movies, does that ever really happen? Nobody can give us a hard time about their relationship being creepy or weird. It's just a sweet comedy about a very unlikely pair. But that's as Lolita freaky as I've gotten. I collect heart-shaped glasses—I have about fifty pairs right now—and I used to dress up like Lolita all the time as a teenager, right down to the one sock. Yeah, my mother was a little worried when she realized I was reading it and loving it so much. After we're done filming, they might just end up missing from the set. I wish they were my natural boobs, but it was all smoke and mirrors. It's being helmed by Julie Taymor, who brought Lion King to Broadway. It's gonna be like a rock n' roll circus.

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You could be an Abercrombie model, but if you're boring I won't be interested at all. Marilyn's all about the early-bird senior discount at Denny's, isn't he? It's just that I'm about to move to New York and he's constantly on tour and it was just getting really hard for us to be apart for so long. It's just such a romantic idea: Never growing old, never dying, drinking blood. Did you have any artistic control over the size and shape of your incisors? The part is her first go at crossing the divide between child and adult actress, and she does so convincingly. When I ask her about the music video—the one with the sex, which Wood explains was not real—this is how the conversation goes: Wood: We made it for each other. And because she has three films out this fall, including , a kind of epic Beatles rock opera in which Wood delivers a breakthrough performance as a young woman caught up in the whirl of the anti–Vietnam War movement.It’s not just the haircut (although the two women have very similar hairstyles), but facially, they are very similar.ERW even played Robin’s daughter in the completely underrated and the casting was simply perfect (plus, James Mc Avoy was wonderful in that film too).Shortly before we meet, her publicist called to give me a quick rundown of what Wood was wearing--sometimes people miss her, the publicist explained, because she looks so normal.