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I would love more input from the experiences of others.

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The superb training at IBM enabled Gail to move successfully through her business career in a variety of positions, giving her the opportunity for extensive training and program development opportunities in the corporate and non-profit sectors.

where she started as an instructor, then became manager of instruction for this international training company.

In the remainder of this article, the author explores mentoring and how to make it a win-win relationship for everyone involved.

When students seek a mentor, they need more than someone who will give them a dishwashing job in their laboratory or respond to their emails, says Mary Fernandez. This group helps match up students who are interested in STEM fields with mentors who can give them career support and help them pursue opportunities.

Finding someone who can inspire a student to take on the demands of STEM research can be challenging, though.

Students vary widely in their backgrounds, training and interests.