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Can I simply run apt-get install nvidia-XXX and expect it to properly install the new version, or should I uninstall the current driver before installing the next version?

If I have to uninstall the driver, could someone recommend a proper guide on doing so, that way I won’t total my install due to .

updating video drivers nvidia-62updating video drivers nvidia-15

Should I keep using the driver which is available in "additional drivers" in Ubuntu, or should I install the driver from the Nvidia site? Updated - Nov 2, 2016 Before adding this PPA, please read the PPA's Description on their page which mentions important information about using it.

The community Nvidia Manual and Binary Driver How To/Nvidia really doesn’t say much for uninstalling, and I don’t really care to install 3rd party tools to do the job for me.

Fyi, I’m using the mamarley ppa for my nvidia drivers.

To install run the following command: This will update the system taking into consideration any packages the PPA offers.

If you already had an Nvidia driver installed, this will also update that driver (But not from a major version to another, eg: 355 to 370).