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Updating unlocked iphone 2g

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Red Sn0w will then guide you to put your i Phone into DFU mode. Without releasing the power button, also hold down the home button for 10 seconds.Whited00r is among the few i OS-related tools that just refuse to die out.Don’t be surprised if its developers keep updating Whited00r with support for i OS 8 and beyond.In the past, we have covered Whited00r 5 and Whited00r 6.

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Simply click on the pineapple from the Pwnage folder you created on your desktop.

This guide will show you how to jailbreak/unlock the original i Phone 2G only, the i Phone 3G.

Some important notes before we begin: You must have i Tunes 8 installed and you must be on firmware 2.2.1, if you are not, be sure to update via i Tunes.

I just updated this guide with the latest information. In this folder, download Red Sn0w as well as the 3.0 firmware (not 3.0.1) for your i Phone 2G from our i Phone downloads page (make sure you pick the right firmware).

Note that this Red Sn0w tutorial is for Windows users but I assume the steps are similar on a Mac. Before doing anything, make sure you have the latest version of i Tunes and the latest firmware 3.0.1 installed on your i Phone 2G.