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Updating trigger mysql

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Test Table (id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTO_INCREMENT, Item Id INTEGER, Date date, Value REAL) Test Table2 (id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTO_INCREMENT, Item Id INTEGER, Year INTEGER, Month INTEGER, Open REAL, Close REAL, Increase REAL) Where the table Test Table is measurements on a certain item on a specific date. Test Table2 contains measurements for a specific month,year and the increase during this period. Date)); END IF; END; $$ DELIMITER ; USE `TEST`; DELIMITER $$ DROP TRIGGER IF EXISTS MEDICAMENTO.month Update Trigger AU$$ USE `TEST`$$ CREATE DEFINER = CURRENT_USER TRIGGER `TEST`.`month Update Trigger AU` AFTER UPDATE ON `Test Table` FOR EACH ROW BEGIN UPDATE Test Table2 SET Test Table2. column, it is also another update event, which runs the trigger.

OLD and NEW are My SQL extensions to triggers; they are not case sensitive. Date)) END IF; END; You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your My SQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'BEGIN IF NOT (EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM Test Table WHERE (Item Id=NEW. Date))); IF @COUNT=0 THEN INSERT INTO Test Table2 (Item Id, Year, Month, Open, Close, Increase ) VALUES (NEW. Close,0.0); ELSE UPDATE Test Table2 SET Test Table2. In an INSERT trigger, only NEW.col_name can be used; there is no old row.In a DELETE trigger, only OLD.col_name can be used; there is no new row.Here is the syntax : Syntax : Explanation : DEFINER clause : The DEFINER clause specifies the My SQL account to be used when checking access privileges at trigger activation time.