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The Upgrade Procedures are relatively simple, but please look at distribution-specific sections before upgrading.The basic process involves three steps: The Ceph Bobtail release enables authentication by default.Not many people play on multiple monitors, but the experience is intense.This screenshot from our 2013 coverage of triple-screen gaming has black bars inserted to show where the single-monitor cutoff is.A mixture of Bobtail and Argonaut monitors will not be able to use the new on-wire protocol, as the protocol requires all monitors to be Bobtail or greater.Upgrading only a majority of the nodes (e.g., two out of three) may expose the cluster to a situation where a single additional failure may compromise availability (because the non-upgraded daemon cannot participate in the new protocol).Windows 10 update issues have involved numerous users, the problems including no Wi-Fi on Windows 10, no sound, black screen, screen flickering and the Windows 10 display issues.We’ve listed top solutions workable to fix those issues and you can try them.

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The KB article includes a number of new features and improvements (better Groove Music streaming and improved Remote Desktop reliability), better handling of multiple input devices, and a host of other low-level issues.Unfortunately, it also added a few new problems to the mix.Specifically: “Users may experience delayed or clipped screens while running 3D rendering apps (such as games) on systems with more than one monitor.” Microsoft’s suggested workarounds are to run your games in windowed mode or to start a game with just one monitor connected — which is just what everyone who games on multiple monitors is going to want to do. Refer to the release-specific sections in this document and the release notes document to identify release-specific procedures for your cluster before using the upgrade procedures.You can upgrade daemons in your Ceph cluster while the cluster is online and in service! For example, Ceph Metadata Servers and Ceph Object Gateways depend upon Ceph Monitors and Ceph OSD Daemons.Sure, you can uninstall some updates and flag them as incompatible with your system, but this assumes that the end user is aware that an update has been installed and knows how to uninstall it and flag it as problematic in the future.