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CHANTELLE WELP and Colin Sorensen grew up together in Greeley, Colo. They send a stream of daily texts and see each other at home on break. Sorensen has flown to Boston, and later this year they plan to study abroad together in New Zealand. When Iā€™m walking to class I can talk and look at him.ā€ But what students say they find most romantic is a handwritten letter.

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I just like to know if this action I have made (i.e.updating may maritals status and application)would cause my waiting time to be longer?The only way you can meet this responsibility is by updating your marital status, address, email, passwords, and name (if applicable) everywhere you do business.Imagine these consequences: Just as important as updating key documents is changing your beneficiary designations, particularly on your life insurance, bank and retirement accounts, and your will. New York has a law that automatically revokes property dispositions, such as in a will, as well as insurance and retirement beneficiary designations.And I am still awaiting for the next notice from the embassy since then.When I launched my application during that time, I was still single. I have already sent a letter to Canadian Embassy here in Manila requesting to update my marital status.

Whether or not you are the person who initiated the divorce, it is critical that you take the time necessary to update your key documents right away. You are in a new chapter of your life in which you are responsible for your financial and other matters.

Moreover, what happens if you move from New York to a state that does not have such a law?

In order to protect yourself and your intended beneficiaries after your divorce, you should update: Updating many of these documents may require you to provide a certified copy of your final divorce decree.

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