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Overview of Methods Superposition Stratigraphy Dendrochronology Radiocarbon C14 Radiometric Dating Methods Obsidian Hydration Dating Paleomagnetic/Archaeomagnetic Luminescence Dating Methods Amino Acid Racemization Fission-track Dating Ice Cores Varves Pollens Corals Cation Ratio Fluorine Dating Patination Oxidizable Carbon Ratio Electron Spin Resonance Cosmic-ray Exposure Dating This is an excellent overview of dating methodologies, and is a chapter in a textbook on Archaeology.

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Users can now explore the planet with interactive stories, use 3-D navigation, and more."We're starting with more of a consumption experience," Sean Askay, engineering manager for Google Earth, said at a press preview.Google Earth, not to be confused with Google Maps, is a three dimensional “geobrowser” comprised of satellite images and aerial photographs.

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Although these images update regularly, you typically won't see live changes, and there may be a lag of up to a few years between the satellite image you see on your screen and the the way a location looks in real life.You can't predict when a map will change, but you can get help from Google Earth to find out the date of its last update.With Google's Follow Your World tool, you can also sign up for email notifications when specific location images change.Google Earth gathers data from various satellite and aerial photography sources, and it can take months to process, compare and set up the data before it appears on a map.There are times when Google Maps updates in real-time to mark major events and to give assistance in emergency situations.It typically updates twice a month, usually on the 6th and 20th of that month. A single Google Earth update might contain a handful of cities or states.