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When I update suuuuuper old Chromium repositories, I occasionally get that stupid Checksum mismatch from svn.It happens often enough that it's a thing, but uncommonly enough that I forget how to fix it each time.You could now see what's in there (which right now is nothing).

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- server file (.../x.java): OK - orig copy from server (.svn/text-base/svn-base): BOGUS (not same as server) - checksum (in .svn/entries): matches server, but not server copy If I can make the bogus copy match what's on the server, then it will also match the checksum, and everyone will be happy.

The errors we are seeing during a clean checkout from the client sidelook like this dependingon the folder checked out:svn: E175002: GET request failed: 400 Bad request There is no corresponding error in the Apache HTTP logs.svn: E200014: Checksum mismatch for expected: 4b4ef9e3432aa84aed190457b68c01adactual: 863b9f52f352a5cb20298ef0eecb9e97In this case the server logs have this:[Tue May 12 2015] [error] [client 1.225] Unable todeliver content.

[500, #0][Tue May 12 2015] [error] [client 1.225] Could notwrite data to filter.

I came in to realize the commit of a merge I made at the end of the day yesterday had failed.

Whenever I would attempt to commit the merge changes, it would go through the entire process and then finally fail with a error message of: After trying a "Cleanup" and several other steps to rectify the problem, I finally did hit Google to try and find a solution.