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“He was so glamorous to me, I think I could’ve met up with him at Mc Donald’s,” Kirkwood says.

Immortality, it would seem, has long been inextricably entwined with lunacy. Earlier this month, 200 scientists descended on Queens' College Cambridge to discuss ways of radically extending human lifespan – and even achieving immortality.

The following year, she played Dandini in Cinderella in a West End pantomime.

Kirkwood's potential was obvious to all: she could act, dance and sing; she spoke well; and she had a gorgeous figure.

After having sex with Valli that first time, the singer said, “Now don’t do this with anyone else.” He added that it was late and she should get going home. “My mother was so twisted in her own pain that she would’ve done anything to get me out of there,” Kirkwood says. “It never crossed my mind that I was his Ohio groupie, his hookup, his lay on the road,” she writes, but there she was, stashed on a cramped tour bus with no doors, only drapes, expected to have sex with Valli while his bandmates and crew listened. “The most embarrassing thing.” But she was a teenage girl on the road with one of the most famous men in the world, and she was confused: “Sex with a celebrity — what’s the protocol? Valli would summon her to get on a bus or a plane — he’d pay, always coach — to meet him in cities such as Akron, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, in Holiday Inns or sometimes Hiltons.

“I was smart enough to go, ‘Can I have your phone number? “And, of course, he gave me his manager’s number.” Kirkwood drove home a little after midnight, her mother waiting up. She never questioned why he didn’t fly her to San Francisco or Chicago or New York City.