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Broken into two parts, 105 men were first read a hypothetical scenario involving a woman who either outperformed or underperformed them in a Maths or English course and then made to imagine them as a romantic partner.
Prior to the 1400s, the medium of egg tempera paint was the standard for professional painters.

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i'm a freshman girl (14), and i want to date this senior guy. i'm pretty sure he likes me (he got really worried when i was sick for 2 days, he smiles at me, he calls me pretty, he plays with my hair etc. my friend only told me about the age gap, and how all he wanted from me was sex, then he would dump me.i don't think it's true because he is taking it really slow. my friend only told me about the age gap, and how all he wanted from me was sex, then he would dump me.Make sure both of you know how each other feel about things like sex and so on and so on. its like you like the person but it's a wrong time type of ordeal. he graduated when I became a sophomore and things were good at first.. then it will be a live and learn type of situation.A lot of times when freshmen and seniors date, the relationship doesn't last because the two of them have different perspectives on things, cause the senior would have more experience in handling things. Anyway, like I said, as long as you guys have a similar mind-set, things should be fine. he went off to college though so it became a long distance relationship.. If you think a guy is that important then go for it I suppose, but don't be surprised if the timing in the relationship ends up to be a major problem.

People always assume the guy just wants to get in your pants just because he's older but thats just not true.Up 1 - Ok Same Age - Ok Down 1 - Ok Down 2 - Stretching it Down - Lower limit so watchall think? I have heard that some of them just want to mess around with me, but I have also heard some of them actually like me.I just don't understand why people automatically assume older=bad. Or a freshman dating a weed-smoking freshman that doesn't care about school and will drop out when he turns 16. If a 37 year old is trying to date a freshman, I could understand people thinking that's wrong. The age gap is not extreme as some people make it sound. The reason I'm asking is can you say statutory R-A-P-E? There are some people that think it's such a bad thing for seniors to date freshmen.I think it depends on the guy your wanting to date a lot of seniors go after freshmen because there easy targets.) We've just launched our new college search tool at This has come up a few times at school, and I thought it would be interesting to get some CC input.