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For a long time the underground world of “Pick Up Artists” was kept a secret from the masses.
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This information combined with the increasing popularity of groups like U of C’s Tea Time and Sex Chats (founded in 2012 to give students a source for peer-led sex positive comprehensive sexual discussion) and on- campus “Sex Weeks” show that this desire to live in a thoughtful, ethical and responsible manner extends also to sex.

As we approach Earth Day 2013 it is a great time to take stock of the small ways we can work towards living more environmentally friendly, responsible lives.

I'm giving her room and allowing her to come to terms on her own and will be supportive regardless of which decisions she makes. The sexy photos and videos you’ve shared may already put her at risk. If her husband is using their daughter as leverage to keep her around, then you never know what he might do if he found out about an affair.

I’ve seen enough divorces to know that they bring out the worst in people.

We've talked about getting together and spending a weekend or week together, which she really wants to do.

She's hesitant, though because—in her words—she doesn't want it to be amazing and know what's out there that she's missing. —Long-Distance Love Affair Dear LDLA, Here’s some A-plus advice from the school of Been There Done That, from which I received a degree in Egregiously Bad Decisions That I Am In Some Ways Still Paying For: Don’t do anything. In keeping with that theme, I would strongly suggest you not plan a sex tryst with this woman. Because you do not want to get involved in a messy divorce or custody battle, especially if her (potential) infidelity with you could be used as fodder against her.

If we expand our definition of safe, responsible, ethical sex to include sex that is environmentally safe, responsible and ethical we can do a small part to help.

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Additional resources for educators are available online.He has done it many times before we met, and once in a while, he'll talk about it while we have sex. —Please Help Dear PH, Let’s nip this in the bud once and for all: Butt play does not equal gay (or bi)!I usually ignore him when he brings it up, but he only does it during sex. Enjoying butt play means one thing and one thing only—that a person enjoys butt play!/* ----- Shim index Of for MSIE 7 & 8 ----- */ if ( ! Array.prototype.index Of ) var AFF = AFF