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Effective: Fall 2013 AF AM 145 (RL ST 145) (GH; US; IL) African American Religions and Spirituality (3) History and significance of the religious dimension of the Black American struggle for equality from enslavement to the contemporary period.

Effective: Spring 2015 AF AM 146 (RL ST 146) (GH; US) The Life and Thought of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Effective: Summer 2005 CAMS 044 (GH; IL) (RL ST 044) Ancient Near Eastern and Egyptian Mythology (3) Survey of major ancient Mediterranean myths, gods, and goddesses in their cultural contexts; influence on later cultures.

Effective: Spring 2015 AF AM 250 (HIST 250) (GH; IL) Introduction to the Modern Caribbean (3) A survey course which, explores the historical evolution and emergence of the modern Caribbean.

Effective: Summer 2005 CAMS 005 (GH; IL) (HIST 005) Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations (3) Survey of the history and cultures of ancient Mediterranean civilizations in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Syro-Levant, Anatolia, Greece, and Rome. Effective: Spring 2006 CAMS 012 (GH; IL) (J ST 012, RL ST 012) Lands of the Bible (3) Textual and archaeological evidence for the lands, cities, and peoples associated with the Hebrew Bible and Christian scriptures. Effective: Fall 2005 CAMS 025 (GH; IL) Greek Civilization (3) The origin and development of the ancient Greek people; their political and social institutions, public and private life.

Effective: Spring 2008 CAMS 010 (GH; IL) Mesopotamian Civilization (3) Cultural, technological, literary, political, and economic achievements of peoples who occupied the region of Mesopotamia (4,000-331 B. Effective: Summer 2005 CAMS 015 (GH) Wonders of the Ancient World (3) Overview of ancient world by focusing on the famed "Seven Wonders" and similar achievements from 3000 B. Effective: Summer 2005 CAMS 033 (GH; IL) Roman Civilization (3) Origin of the Romans; sociopolitical development; food, homes, education, marriage, family life, amusements, private and public worship.

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