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Season 3 of dating rules from my future self

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Richie gets into the good graces of Dukes gang leader, Frankie Melina, when he rescues the tough's little sister from bullies and walks her home, but trouble still brews when he dares to tread on Dukes turf, trying to rescue Potsie's stolen bike.The height of the Cold War and fears of an apocalyptic war breaking out at any moment take center stage in this episode, where Howard ponders purchasing a bomb shelter for his family's protection.Before we can learn more, however, we switch gears to Kimmy’s graduation party — or, the party she’s throwing herself for getting her GED. Nope, it’s not “just for rich kids and only the very best clowns.” Thanks to inspiration from Lillian, Kimmy is ready to take the next step.All the important people in her life are in attendance: Her landlord Lillian, who is running for district council, and Jacqueline, who’s only there because her boyfriend Russ is away. As Kimmy settles down for a night of sleep, Titus returns home with a secret.Lucy, played by Shiri Appleby (“Life Unexpected”) has a secure job, great friends, and a longtime boyfriend—but deep down, she knows he’s not the one.With a little help from her future self, Lucy could be headed toward the future of her dreams. Watch Dating Rules From My Future Self and find out. But what if you could get answers about your love life today from your older, wiser self ten years in the future?Howard wants a Christmas with just the family but Richie finds out that Fonzie,despite his claims, is going to be alone for Christmas.They invite him over and Christmas with Fonzie takes on a new meaning.

Before we dive in, we should reacquaint ourselves with Kimmy Schmidt's world: After emerging from a bunker where she was held captive for 15 years, Kimmy Schmidt (Ellie Kemper) is ready to tackle real life.In a time where the main character is still unsure as to who she really is or where she belongs, all she has to do is ask herself!Chloe Cunningham has a phone app that allows her to receive text messages from her future self.Also appearing are: Leah Rachel, Lindsey Krast, Reid Ewing, Jay Hayden, Travis Van Winkle, Karan Reece and Shiri Applesby. From the produces of "Gossip Girl", it is brought to the public by Alloy Entertainment.Dating Rules from My Future Self is basically a modern story of self-discovery.Richie's friends quickly learn about the shelter and ask if, in the event of war, they can stay too.