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We have loads of ideas to make x Chat better and will keep you guys informed of what is going on.

Also to let you guys pick or help on what direction we go with x Chat.

It allows XChat to perform any command based on what is said in either in the channel or privately, depending on who said the line, where the line was said, and what the speaker's channel status is.

This script can be used for a variety of purposes, such as channel management, additional logging, notification to an external device (as set by the other device), or simply for the fun of it! User commands: TDB or TEXTUALDYNAMBOT (no args) reload config TDB or TEXTUALDYNAMBOT same as tdbtest, but echos out command rather than executing it (see /help TDBECHO) Basic entry: [method:pattern] in: locations -in: locations (optional) from: users -from: users (optional) mode: modes (optional) -mode: modes (optional) capnum: limit (optional) captime: seconds (optional) capshared: enabled (optional) command: xchat command method One of: regex A regular expression. Use ^ at the beginning of the pattern to anchor it to the start of the message, $ at the end to anchor to the end of the message. Wildcards may be escapped by a \ (backslash) if the actual character is desired for [line:\?

Bots are linked into botnets for several reasons, such as sharing common user lists and channel settings (who to op, who to ban, etc.), as well as to provide a method to simultaneously control several bots.

Botnets also provide an internal chat network similar to, but independent of, IRC.

Gives AI capabilities to your client, auto-replies when its nick is mentioned, butts into conversations with its own wisdom. Also fixed error handling if Clementine is not running. I found the C ones supplied with various versions of Xchat would frequently crash Xchat if a stray tab character got into them. Player has a chance to win a trophy if they beat the existing record. This one isn't particularly fast, but is 100% perl using Net:: DNS and the GEO-IP country loc Public responder which returns the hostname and country of origin for a supplied IP. ip" would reply with; Geo-IP: United Kingdom ( / it.org) Requires: Geo:: IP:: Pure Perl Net:: DNS responds to "! Although the most commonly accepted definition of an IRC bot is “an unmanned chat-client which idles on a channel and responds automatically to predefined events”.A group of bots which are linked together is called a network or botnet.Pymp is an xchat plugin to support various music players from a single common interface.