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As we settle into comfy sofas, Hawkins looks like she wishes her’s would swallow her whole.

“I’m not very good at these, sorry,” she apologises with a frown.

If I’d had a better memory, I might have realized that I’d seen Hawkins in a role even before that: as Diana Lethaby’s feisty maid Zena Blake in the BBC’s 2002 adaptation of , however, that was a supporting part that only gave Hawkins a limited opportunity to show what she could do. In the film, Hawkins plays Pauline “Poppy” Cross, a 30-year-old elementary school teacher living in a shared London house with her best friend, Zoe (Alexis Zegerman).

But now Hawkins has a role that puts her center-stage, as the lead character in Mike Leigh’s new film, . K., the film has already won Hawkins the Silver Bear for best actress at the 2008 Berlin Film Festival and is due for release on Sept. Like most Mike Leigh films, the story is focused on detailed social interactions that reveal character, rather than on huge dramatic events.

Acting, as the actress Sinéad Cusack once observed, is the shy person’s revenge on life.

While shyness may have dogged Hawkins ever since she was a child – 'Believe me, I used to be a lot worse than this,’ she mutters at one point – it plainly hasn’t held her back professionally.

And yet, stuck living with this brusque, grunting ogre of a man (whom Hawke plays with an affected surliness that sounds like Harrison Ford, had he been raised by bears), and all but confined to the tiniest house you’ve ever seen, Maud manages to find happiness.In real life, she had learned to paint as a child, rendering small watercolor scenes on greeting cards which she later sold for money.In the film, where it’s more dramatically expedient to invent a “eureka” moment, she discovers a small pot of house paint among Everett’s things and takes the initiative of sprucing up an old shelf with a fresh coat of spring green, running her fingers through the liquid in a state of mild artistic ecstasy.Sally Hawkins is sitting in a gleaming white penthouse hotel suite in central London furnished almost entirely with gleaming white modernist furniture.It’s the sort of room that calls for a high level of self-possession on the part of its occupants.Something I know about Sally Hawkins is that she goes into interviews wracked by nerves.