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As soon as dancers clock out, off comes the rhinestone thong and leather chaps, and on slips the cotton undies, oversized sweatpants and t-shirt.

How cool is it going to be to tell all your guy friends that you're dating a stripper? Well, before you start counting your naked sexy-time benefits, let me fill you in on a few things to keep in mind.1. Not exactly the makings of a romantic girlfriend.2. If you're thinking that every party or club you attend with your girlfriend will have all eyes on you as the sexiest couple alive, you might want to back that bus up a bit.

You've heard of "fake it 'til you make it." For strippers, it's more like just keep faking it until you leave the business.

Even if your girl starts out feeling confident about her looks, chances are that the constant demeaning names thrown her way on the daily will take a toll on how she feels about herself.

Jacq is a 20-something woman making her way in New York City.I brought it up again the next day, and she deferred, and said she'd prefer to talk about it in person. We got a drink that evening and she told me at the bar.Man C: She told me on both occasions [about both the camming and the stripping] about what she was doing.Women have every right to choose what they do with their bodies, in life and in regard to their occupation — but that doesn't mean that the partners of people who strip are across-the-board supportive. O.'s who supportive may struggle with jealousy or judgment; some, meanwhile, are more turned on than anything else by their partners' work. Man B: We met at school years ago, and then reconnected three years when she moved to the city I was living in.spoke with three anonymous guys about their experience dating a stripper. Man C: We met at college about two years ago and we are still together currently.If you're actually into her and want to be guaranteed to see her again, just come back to where you know you can find her.