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The goal is to dominate not only the executive and legislative branches, but also the media, the judiciary, civil society, the commanding heights of the economy, and the security forces.

With these institutions under the effective if not absolute control of an incumbent leader, changes in government through fair and honest elections become all but impossible.

The leaders of today’s authoritarian systems devote full-time attention to the challenge of crippling the opposition without annihilating it, and flouting the rule of law while maintaining a plausible veneer of order, legitimacy, and prosperity.

Central to the modern authoritarian strategy is the capture of institutions that undergird political pluralism.

Schlacht um den Flughafen Donezk – Flug MH17 – Kampf um Mariupol – Schlacht um Ilowajsk – Protokoll von Minsk – II.

Schlacht um den Flughafen Donezk – Minsk II – Kampf um Debalzewe – Kampf um Schyrokyne Der Krieg in der Ukraine ist ein aktueller, seit Februar 2014 andauernder bewaffneter Konflikt, der durch stetige Schritte der Eskalation in den ostukrainischen Oblasten Donezk und Luhansk entstand.

And indeed, the last 12 months have shown that beneath the arguments for the EU there was always a desire among Europe’s technocratic elite for just that: a king, a just ruler to protect us from democratic rupture, from the inconvenience of free electorates. ‘Victory for Macron, for France, the EU & the world’, tweeted Hillary Clinton on his election day.

He’s acting like a ‘liberal strongman’, says Politico, seemingly intending it as a compliment – he’s setting out to defend the so-called liberal order while garbing himself in the pomp and power of the old French monarchy.

On Monday he summoned parliament to the Palace of Versailles, echoing ‘Sun King’ Louis XIV’s pronouncements to the nobility.

These tinkering policies may not seem much on the face of it.

But as one academic pointed out, all of this will serve to shore up executive power – emboldening bureaucrats over representatives, and filling parliament with newer, less battle-ready MPs.