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Problems with updating tomtom one Black adult free chat amateur

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Hello, I have Norton Security for windows ver on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3,8GB ram, 512GB SSD and Windows 10. It is advisable to alter the settings of your security software to allow the My Drive program to download items without issues.

I bought a Tom Tom Go 510, installed the software ok but the device would not update. I have included information below on what settings need to be altered: 1.

I called Tom Tom support and they sent me the email below:- As per our discussion on call, I informed you that according to the information in our server, I can see this download has failed due to one of the following reasons: 1. Use a cabled, non-wireless, non-business connection that is at least 4 Mbits.

Router issues (business network instead of a home connection) In order to resolve this issue, recommend you address your download environment.

To delete the old map so that maybe enough space was freed for the new map to be installed (nevermind that it was supposed to be an update, oh well...) 2.Use this link (select BEGIN TEST) to test whether you have adequate download speed for the updates available for your device. Configure the Firewall (or the Internet protection in the antivirus) setting 3.“My Drive Connect.exe” as authorized in the firewall 4.In the Firewall’s settings, make sure that all the communication via the following TCP ports is allowed (inbound and outbound, local and remote) for all network connections: - 53 - 80, 443 - 31 (Reverse Proxy) - 4000 (The Web connector port of My Tom Tom) I'm on a home network with speed of 20Mbits so it is not 2 and 3. If you use Windows 8/8.1 or 10, there be an issue with the Fast Start feature.. Try temporarily disabling the Norton Firewall to see if that is what is causing the problem. What can I do about it, I went on the tomtom site and found nothing. You should have the tomtom home screen in front of you, Now even if tomtom home is showing you logged in, ignore this. I've tried that loads of times now and still shows "No maps found! I've even tried formatting my card, then copying everything back over - I'm back to where I started... " Even though my map is shown in all the files and under 'show contents of my ONE' Please help! If you are trying to install if it is a v7 map, it won't show if it is 675 map. If you've had to create an account restart tomtom home. Hold down the on button on the GPS until toy here the drum sound. If you've had to create an account restart tomtom home. Please keep in my I have Tom Tom maps on my CF card. Rick Download the latest Tom Tom home If you've not created an account create one now. Click your email address in the top right hand side of the screen and log in again and click continue. Now your Tomtom will update itself and your maps will be restored. Follow the prompts on the GPS screen until it sways to format the card. 3 When the card is formatted, connect the card to your computer.