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The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (Jaxa) on Monday made a second attempt to put the Akatsuki probe into orbit around Venus."It is very much expected to enter the planned orbit," Jaxa professor Masato Nakamura, who is in charge of the Akatsuki programme, said.
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Former Vice President Al Gore called the surveillance “obscenely outrageous” on Twitter.But others came out in support of the NSA’s efforts.Or, if they are, we’ve known about it anyway for centuries so it’s not worth talking about anymore. Today divide and rule is a strategy applied in many different domains. It is perhaps key instrument, for which the wary must keep lookout in all its multiform Swiss-knife guises: nationalism, battle of the sexes, between-generations baiting, etc.Since the 1970s many people – not just political scientists – have grown accustomed to discussing political matters using game-theoretic terms and formalism.Senator Lindsay Graham said “I am a Verizon customer…it doesn’t bother me one bit for the NSA to have my phone number.” Max Boot, a senior fellow with the think tank Council on Foreign Relations, credited the NSA surveillance with helping to reduce the number of terrorist incidents on US soil since the attacks of September 11, 2001.A Pew Research Center poll suggested that there was significant support among the American public for the NSA’s surveillance efforts.The Constitution should be enforced "strictly" so that both civil liberties and government interests, such as national security, can be appropriately balanced. Defenders of the strict view have proposed two major rationales for their position.The first is institutional: emergencies work like a ratchet, so that constitutional protections are reduced in emergencies, while after the emergency is over the enhancement of constitutional powers is either maintained, or not fully eliminated.

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But Clapper’s comments did little to calm frayed nerves.

But Posner and Vermeule find fault with James Madison's premises.

Like an ideal market, they write, Madison's separation of powers has no central director, but it lacks the price system which gives an economy its structure; there is nothing in checks and balances that intrinsically generates order or promotes positive arrangements.

Here – believe it or not – is a quite useful piece of work by Eric Posner and Adrian Vermeule.

‘Divide and Conquer’ does not contribute much new analytically.