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Music Ontario Presents the third annual Ontario edition of the Canadian Songwriter Challenge, in partnership with the Canadian Council of Music Industry Associations (CCMIA) and Bell Media!
In the 21st century, an online service has the potential to garner hundreds of thousands of hits if it is social networking enabled. Now after a decade of connecting with real world friends online, people suddenly have the desire to befriend strangers.

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I stop off at a simple-looking shack with a corrugated iron roof—one of the town stores. “I'm impressed.” I’m glad he’s impressed; it’s like receiving an acknowledgement that I, a woman, also belong in this place—a place that has traditionally been the playground of male travelers and adventurers. Rob tells me that Jens is a German Navy SEAL officer, a “killing machine.” (Jens blushes.) His skills are in such high demand that he’s often brought over to the States to help train American Special Forces units. Rob tells me that he met Jens in a guest house in the coastal town of Wewak, and that they flew here to Ambunti to hire a canoe and guide for their very own trip up the Sepik River. Not a word out of his mouth sails beyond the present and the practical.

Inside is the usual food of PNG, the mainstays of Australian bush cuisine: packets of Magi instant noodles, great tins of margarine with a smiling New Guinean boy on the label holding out a piece of buttered bread, whole milk powder from France, gargantuan bottles of cooking oil, Milo bars, rice, Cadbury chocolate. This is what you look like after hacking yourself out of a jungle. I tell them about my hike from Fiak to Hotmin: the heat exhaustion, the mountains of jungle with 90 degree inclines and the never ending rain. “I want to see that.” His disappointment is what safari goers in the Serengeti might have when told they'd missed a leopard sighting. No wonder he is so strong, appears so physically fit. Jens doesn’t have much time, but their plan is to go up some rarely traveled tributaries, seek out tribes that have had little or no contact with travelers. Jens, a warrior by profession, a specialist who teaches others how to kill, must find sentimentality a sign of weakness. But does he hear the sound of children playing outside in the night?

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