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Peer guardian 2 lists not updating

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This works with all versions of Transmission and with all OSs.

Peer Block is now available in the Google Play Store!

I had indeed made a copy-and-paste error on the location of I have /etc/pgl/too, but for whatever reason, adding the WGET_OPTS to this one made no difference.

302 Found Location: https:// --2013-10-25 -- https:// to ERROR: cannot verify certificate, issued by ‘/C=US/ST=Arizona/L=Scottsdale/O=Go Daddy.com, Inc./OU= Daddy Secure Certification Authority/serial Number=07969287’: Self-signed certificate encountered. The following lists were updated: bluetack_dshield (last modified: 2013-10-25 ) bluetack_proxy (last modified: 2013-10-25 ) tbg_business-isps (last modified: 2013-10-25 ) tbg_general-corporate-ranges (last modified: 2013-10-25 ) tbg_primary-threats (last modified: 2013-10-25 ) For the following lists there was no update available: atma_atma (last modified: 2012-06-22 ) tbg_bogon (last modified: 2013-10-19 ) tbg_hijacked (last modified: 2013-10-19 ) tbg_search-engines (last modified: 2013-10-22 ) Thanks for the comment Woky.

Hmm, maybe this is connected to the fact that I tried compiling pgl from source before realising it was available from a repo!

Thanks a lot for posting this, till now I'd been blissfully unaware that pgl was not updating as it should.

Quote from: Great Wizard on August 30, 2008, PM PG2 is a placebo. The @#$%& thing blocks ONE-THIRD of the Internet address space, by its own claim.

The application uses a blocklist of IP addresses to filter the computers of several organisations, including the RIAA and MPAA while using filesharing networks such as Fast Track and Bit Torrent. This helps because they can not collect evidence against you and will help in filtering the bogus seeded files they litter the P2P networks with. PG_ETC=/etc/peerguardian/ # Remove the lists you don't want to download and # use from BLOCKLISTS. I was having issues with connecting to MSN and Gtalk in Gaim along with connectiong to various Google sites.Full Description: Peer Guardian 2 integrates support for multiple lists, list editing, automatic updates, and blocking all of IPv4 (TCP, UDP, ICMP, etc), making it the safest and easiest way to protect your privacy on P2P.Most of the time having the latest version of a software is a good thing.By inducing and then reinforcing paranoia, PG2 does more harm to torrenting than the RIAA, the MPAA and the FBI combined.I've said it before - if PG2 didn't exist, the MPAA would have invented [email protected]:/home/ephman/Desktop# sudo start ------------ 2005-11-29 AM EST Begin Peer Guardian start ---- `level1.gz' Resolving stat: cannot stat `level1.gz': No such file or directory /usr/local/bin/peerguardian.sh: line 57: [: -gt: unary operator expected No blocklists needed updating.