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Onlline dating scams

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Many sites we checked say that customers can return defective items during the stated return period, often 30 days.

After that, many tell you to deal directly with the manufacturer, which may make you ship the item back at your own expense and wait perhaps weeks for a refurbished replacement.

Just because a website looks legitimate doesn’t mean it is.

Some are scams set up to steal your identity, your credit-card information, or both. And still others engage in unethical practices, such as luring you in with low prices they honor only if you buy extra items, or quietly adding unexpected charges based on fine-print disclosures they know you won’t read.

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That means the sites are disclaiming the so-called implied warranty of merchantability, an unwritten assurance that generally gives you the right to reject defective merchandise, even months after purchase.

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About a dozen states and the District of Columbia don’t allow retailers to disclaim basic warranty rights.

But even if you do have the right to return a defective product to an online store, getting satisfaction when a retailer is far away can be tricky.