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Er komen steeds meer nieuwe relatiesites bij, waardoor het lastig kan zijn de site te vinden die het beste bij je past.

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Every single one of us is racist, it’s something we were born and raised into, we were and are consistently indoctrinated into white supremacy.Indifference and apathy towards systemic racism and it’s horrific results is not just more comfortable, it is incentivized; we are actively rewarded by white supremacy in it’s many forms for ignoring people of color and their cries for injustice. We were taught the the history of our nation through textbooks written by white men with a vested interest in how the story was and is being told.And it would be nice if ypu knew the reason and history of it, but it's ok if you don't.Sorry Speaker all the terms you identified are NOT "race-neutral".He warned Melanoid people that systematic white supremacy is so deep in this society, that no white people should be trusted.Here is his post in its entirety: An Open Letter to People of Color: Please do not trust white people.

The pompousness of Whiteness is the looming shadow behind her slim hips.

Recall Jesse's "hymietown - referring to NYC a few yrs back, or Jacko's lyric" Jew him down." I'd certainly like to know what makes you think these terms only refer to poor white people?

A lot of black people seem to think most white people are rich.

Especially certain white people who themselves are marginalized within white society.

Recently a gay/trans white man who goes by the name of Dakota Bracciale made a bold posting on his Facebook page regarding race.