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MUMBAI—After a tabloid reported on an old lady, Geeta Kapoor, who acted in a small role in “Pakeezah,” being left unattended by her (now absconding) children in a Mumbai hospital, Ramesh Taurani and Ashoke Pandit jointly settled her hospital bill of Rs. The matriarch of the Kapoor clan, Krishna Raj Kapoor, is back home after a long stay of over a month at the Breach Candy Hospital.
From the same moment, all these members can also see your profile and start messaging you.

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The next week when Richard picked me up for a date, you can imagine my surprise when nose. Then he had the nerve to look at me and say “Wow, you’re really tall”. In my experience, if a guy says he’s 5’10 he’s actually 5’8. But I am 5’10 so if a man is shorter than me, I know right away! At least if he’s taller, I wont feel like I’m completely dominating him (its my preference, I don’t apologize for it). Something I’ve learned is that guys under six feet usually add two inches to their height. I mean, its hard to measure how far above your head someone is. so you’ll probably come up to my nose.” From what he said, I assumed he was about 6’4/6’5, so I didn’t press the issue.Guys who are 6’2 don’t say they’re 6’4 and guys who are 5’11 only add one inch to make them 6 feet tall.or they're lying..your people here lie about everything. In my case I say 5'9" because my actual height is 5'8" and 1 half.Wearing shoes gives me more than that half inch so I'm ok.For instance if you and the girl are 5'7", and you claim 5'8" she is likely to notice it, but if the girl is 5'4", maybe you could add one inch I'm 5'6' and I usually say I'm 5'7". She said height was really important to her and asked several times before we met if I was really 5'7".She didn't say anything about height until the night I met her, after I slept with her. You can lie about an inch but not much beyond that because that pisses them off and they wonder what else you are lying about.

When it comes to online dating, I believe in full disclosure.

Or would you not do that b/c you think it's unethical or something?

it depends on your height, and the girl's height too, the taller you are the easier you can get away lwith ying about your height.

it's the same as people saying "a few extra pounds" on their profile when they make me look thin!

either they aren't realistic or are seriously delusional and really see themselves that way? welcome to the wonderful world of the internet where some can be anyone they say they are, even if it isn't really who they are.