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If your partner, husband or wife originally entered the UK on a fiancee (prospective marriage) visa or proposed civil partner visa and you got married or registered your civil partnership within six months of obtaining the initial visa, they can immediately apply for a two-year provisional spousal or partner visa from within the country.

Generally, in order to qualify for a settlement marriage or civil partner visa, you and your foreign spouse/partner must meet the following basic eligibility requirements: Bear in mind that the financial support and accommodation requirements are very strictly enforced by the UK immigration authorities.

If you are applying from within the UK a spouse visa is issued for a period of 30 months.According to the British Supreme Court, a Home Office policy which requires families to reach a minimum income threshold before foreign nationals can apply for a UK settlement fiancée, partner or spouse visa is ‘lawful in principle’. The UK government has recently announced that the 28-day grace period that previously allowed non-EEA nationals to extend or switch their existing visa shortly after it had expired will no longer apply to further leave to remain applications (FLR) made … this is wonderful news that Andrea got her visa today.Fun loving guy with great sense of humor, love open minded people and withstand pressure by laughing at the source of the pressure. I am considered shy and quiet until I am comfortable with a person. Inadequate financial documentation is the most common reason for initial denial of marriage and fiancee visas.: Effective 29th November 2010, applicants who are not citizens of a predominantly English-speaking country, are required to take the mandatory English language test prior to applying for a UK settlement visa as a fiancee, proposed civil partner, husband, wife, civil partner, or unmarried (de facto) partner of a British citizen or lawful UK permanent resident.You can apply for an extension for an additional 30 months which can take your total time in the UK on this visa up to five years.