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Japan coin dating calendar

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We feature the finest local, regional and national touring artists.The 2017 season begins on July 5th and runs through August 25th.Benjamin of Los Alamos entitled "Still in The Game".A recent widower clashes with his daughter, speed-dates, and receives a traffic citation in his quest for inner peace.Thailand coins are dated using the Buddhist Era, but the same date may be struck for many years.In the Middle East dating of coins goes back to ancient times, though coins were often dated by the years that the king was in power.As stated above, each Japanese era begins with the first year of government of the new Japanese emperor.

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Oriental coins generally were not dated until the 19th or 20th century.

However some mints made minor differences in the style of the characters on Cash coins, which allowed the coins to be dated to the exact year they were made even though they did not carry a visible date.

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The currency of Japan called as the Japanese yen and is denoted as ¥.