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Tapi, walaupun selama ini dia menyerahkan rahimnya dipancut dengan air mani Farid, dia tidak juga bunting.

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We did six songs in five days that way; the bulk of the songs.That was really exciting and fun and just kept it fresh with a different kind of energy. SM: I was thinking about illusions and loss, which are a lot of the themes of the record, but it just seemed a little too depressing! I like the fact that it doesn’t make any sense — it’s all about the fantasies that a lot of us buy into about how your life is going to play out and you’re going to meet that person and get married and have kids or what ever your path is.I have two small kids so for anybody who comes into my life, it's a big life and there's a lot going on.

“They’re so lovely and I’ve never seen a band get along so well.So it makes sense that the 43-year-old singer used music to get through her own breakup, after her 11-year marriage to drummer Ashwin Sood fell apart and nearly ended her career.In an interview with Spinner.com, the now-single mom of two opened up about her divorce and how she "entered an emotional hole so horrid that she never expected to be able to make music again, let alone return to the stage.""Coming to terms with the fact that my marriage was a failure was devastating and very difficult," said Sarah. It took me a very long time to get over it."The couple, who married in 1997 in Jamaica, broke up 11 years later, amid rumors that Ashwin had cheated.The process in which we recorded it was a lot quicker.We recorded it live off-the-floor stuff, which is sort of a bunch of musicians in a room, here are the songs, here are the chords, go, record.“I had an awful relationship with her then,” she says of her mother, whom she lost to cancer in 2001.