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Do not run the verification process while performing other system-intensive processes, such as defragmenting your hard drive or scanning for viruses.

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Using the Sharefile API with a PHP application we are trying to generate a link to the newly uploaded file that wont expire within a few days.

Currently we are using file_get_download_link($id); The URL that is generated will then stop working after several days even though the file that was uploaded remains in the folder and is accessible.

Christopher Dorner the former LAPD officer who was on the run for the past week is dead..

Many who hoped that he may have escaped and that the body inside the cabin that was allowed to burn before our eyes on live today have to face that fact.. He’s dead and there’s lots of work for us to do in the aftermath.

I guess it’s nice water cooler discussion, but for the most part its wasted intellectual capital especially if we have access to the masses..

It’s been said over and over again…Dorner, like him or not left us a solid trail of information in which he lays out a litney of wrong doings by LAPD..

Bah kan bila tak dapat uang tak jarang Voronika dan anaknya di bantu mertua dan warga sekitar.

Meski mendapat bantuan beras raskin namun Veronika tak pernah mengambilnya karena tak punya uang untuk menebus beras raskin.

If we can get a 10 year period on the expiration that would be our goal. Are there any settings to our account that we must change in order to have the URL not expire so quickly? Julio, It looks like you're referring to some functions defined in an open source project designed to provide an interface with Share File's older HTTPS API.

NET, and Java, as well as a Java Script toolkit, but not PHP.

We do have code samples for PHP, however: examples should be extendable to almost any other call.

The Great Flood: mythological story about a great destruction that once befell the earth.

There are several variants; the Biblical version is the most famous.