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Emma Blackery's first channel was called "Pink Fluffy Hat Time", so named because she would wear a pink fluffy hat bought for her by her dad in the videos.

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Δύο νεαρές και καλές φίλες, η Μαξ και η Έλι, αποφασίζουν να αφήσουν τη μικρή επαρχιακή πόλη που ζουν, και να κάνουν ένα ταξίδι στην άλλη άκρη της χώρας για να συναντήσουν την πρώην πρώτη κυρία, Ελέανορ Ρούζβελτ.They subtweeted the shit out of each other, and tried to get fans on one another's side like crazy.More details on this later in the section on Jeffree.Merjos dated and was engaged to Chris Zylka from 2014 - 2015 before allegations of her cheating. The engagement was called off in March 2015, directly after which Zylka went on a nasty social media rampage accusing and degrading Merjos. Merjos is also known to be friends with Paris Hilton, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Nick Simmons, and Jeffree Star. This has been the longest we’ve ever taken on a record. With this one, I’d bring songs to the table and we’d work on lyrics and structural ideas; that was something I was never open to in the past because I was so stubborn. I wanted it to be a really organic thing, just going in without the producer hearing the songs.