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They should find ways to balance his critical nature and her tactlessness.

Compatibility of Virgo Woman and Gemini Man The love birds of this love match can have a blissful take off.

Same thoughts will strike their minds at the same moment.

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This love match has chances of sustaining the compatibility provided Gemini teaches Virgo to be passionate and Virgo brings stability to the nature of Gemini.This relationship is greatly strengthened when steady Virgo provides one Twin with a steady emotional anchor while allowing the other Twin to flit about at will.Virgo may be a bit too serious and demanding for Gemini, especially if this occurs early in the relationship before Gemini has fully committed.Compatibility of Gemini Man and Virgo Woman The love birds of this love match can have a blissful take off.The compatibility of this love match will be backed by their mutual understanding.The earthy Virgo and airy Gemini make an extraordinary match for each other.