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Funnel theory of dating

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As the adoption of social media, mobile computing and new digital behaviors continues to deepen, businesses today are faced with the challenge of rethinking many of their basic strategic paradigms.In thinking about customers, businesses are facing a shift from a paradigm of individual customers to one of customer networks.One of the oldest and most widely adopted marketing models is the “marketing funnel.” This model, based on psychological “hierarchy of effects” theory dating to the early 20th Century, plots marketing as a sequence of psychological states in the mind of a the customer: from Awareness (of the product category) to Consideration (thinking about a purchase), to Preference (for a specific model or brand), to Action (making the actual purchase).

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These tools were traditionally all broadcast media: TV ads might drive awareness, a direct mail piece stressing product features might drive consideration…

The origin of the theory is unclear, but it was popularised thanks to US TV series, , and the Lord of dating rules, Barney Stinson: Ted: “Stella and I are going to her sister’s wedding in six months.” Barney: “Wait, how long have you and Stella been dating? You can’t make any plans with Stella for anything more than three months in the future.

Don’t risk violating the Date-Time Continuum.” Whilst some of Barney’s theories in the series are questionable, there is a lot of sense in the Date-Time Continuum. All too often, we hear of couples breaking up and then not knowing what to do about the holiday they’ve already booked or the concert tickets they’ve bought.

As the night moves on, I will filter out the ones I don’t connect with and keep close the ones that I have the most fun with.

It looks a bit like a funnel, actually—which is why I call it “Funnel Theory.” I get to the bar early and start with the old guy sitting next to me. Then I’ll turn around and pull in the couple next to me on a date.