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It provided access to news, weather, sports, a personal assistant, calculator etc. There are a number of ways to build a chatbot but the easiest method would be to use existing NLP (natural language processing) engines. This is an advanced artificial intelligence chatbot platform and living community of chatbots and people.

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Fat men have trouble finding women who want to have sex with them.

‘She’s the one who sits on the sidelines and never joins in.

This causes their appearance to suffer as they gain weight.

Being fat damages the loner’s self esteem leaving them less likely to make an effort to socialize. Losers continue to gain weight as they age and become more lonely and isolated.

She was amazed that I wasn’t sucked into the undertow of self-loathing and isolation that she expected from fat women.

Those comments were a reminder of how frequently she thought of my body, not as an object of desire, but as an obstacle to overcome. She could you and I talk about dating, dear friend, we have a lot of overlapping experiences, because dating can be difficult and awkward for anyone.