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In July, the average payout was as high as £10,882.
An other thing I tried is using the OPENROWSET, this also give an unspecified error.

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Blinds: 50-100 Notables in Field: Brian Hastings TJ Cloutier Doyle Brunson Matt Affleck Greg Raymer Jerry Yang Filippo Candio Matt Glantz Adam Levy Faraz Jaka Tatjana Pasalic Jason Alexander Card Player Chip Counts: Barry Shulman — 30,000 Josh Brikis — 30,000 Notable Eliminations: None Hands: On a board of 9 7 5 10 7 Evelyn Ng checked from the small blind and a player on the button bet 7,000. She made the call and they turned over their hands: Lieu: QQ Opponent: AQ Lieu was dominating and the board ran out 85394 and Lieu knocked out her opponent. A player put in a raise from early position preflop and Nick Binger repopped from the cutoff. The action then folded to Evelyn Ng in the small blind and she repopped to 16,000. Four players limped preflop only to see Joe Cada move all in for 67,800.

The novel tells the story about three women -- Camilla, a nightclub singer who has been forced to become a spy, Shadow a magician who jumps naked off a tall building, and a gender-ambiguous gossip columnist.

Just like her predecessors and poker legends Puggy Pearson and Billy Baxter, she started out playing poker after she commenced playing pool.

In fact, at the age of 14 she already started playing the game pool for money and this all led to her playing poker and dealing chips in the blackjack and poker back rooms of various establishments around Toronto by the age of just 17.

Blinds: 100-200 Notables in Field: Brian Hastings TJ Cloutier Doyle Brunson Matt Affleck Greg Raymer Filippo Candio Matt Glantz Adam Levy Faraz Jaka Tatjana Pasalic Jason Alexander Josh Arieh Vanessa Selbst Nam Le Lex Veldhuis Dutch Boyd Olivier Busquet Card Player Chip Counts: Barry Shulman — 27,500 Josh Brikis — 30,000 Notable Eliminations: Mc Lean Karr Jerry Yang Hands: Olivier Busquet raised to 500 and was called by three opponents. His opponent folded and he was now up to about 55,000 Johnny Lodden bet 450 with the 3 2 and got two callers.

A third player elected to make it 2,050 and Lodden called.

Each year, 50,000 immigrant visas (Green Cards) are awarded in a lottery held by the US Department of State.

Examination of computer-assisted language learning (CALL) projects sought answers to fundamental design and implementation questions, resulting in some tentative conclusions and four recommendations involving building upon a linguistically theoretic basis, developing deep and meaningful practice, exploring diverse strategies and roles, and integrating CALL into language classrooms and curricula.The player next to act shoved for just 6,000 more and it was folded to Lodden. The board ran out good for Lodden as it came Q 6 2 6 A, giving him a flush. 2007 champion Jerry Yang opened up the action to 1,000 and was three-bet to just over 2,000. Yang checked and faced a continuation bet of 2,500.Yang check raised to 6,000, and his opponent made it 12,000.Mingmei has appeared on over 60 TV and radio programs in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and the United Sates, as well as many newspaper interviews. She has published five prior books in Chinese and wrote columns for seven major Hong Kong newspapers. The VISA Lottery Application Form is an avenue for any one to register then when selected will be migrating to his/her dream country.