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Add(New Data Column("Col1_PH", Get Type(String))) dt. I was just testing if I will get the changed value out of the textbox when updating with no luck. Dim dt = CType(Session("dt"), Data Table) 'Update the values. Edit Index = -1 'Bind data to the Grid View control. Sql Command Dim sql As String Dim reader As System. Within the Item Template I have an Image Buttong with a Command Name of "Edit".This works as expected and I can put a breakpoint in the Row Command event handler to see the "Event" command name.My problem lies in that the click on the Update Image Button posts back, but neither the Row Command nor Row Updating events get triggered.I have set the requisite attributes in the Grid View tag.

I need to do the updating operation on what row is clicked. Text = total End Sub Rich Text Box in Visual Basic . NETDisplay an Image in Picture Box in Runtime - Visual Basic . NETDisplaying Data in a Chart / Graph - Visual Basic . NETVisual Basic Tutorials Allow Numbers only in a Text Box - Visual Basic . Value 'Change the number 2 to your column index number (The first column has a 0 index column) 'In this example the column index of Price is 2 Next Text Box1. NET Calculating Services Provided and Discount - Visual Basic . NETDisplay Access Table Records in Data Grid View - Visual Basic . Add(New Data Column("Col1_VL", Get Type(String))) dt. Add(New Data Column("Col1_ML", Get Type(String))) dt. You didn't ask this in your question, but you've written some smelly code here.