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At the Battle of Malachor V, Drake's Commandos would utterly defeat a battalion of Mandalorians under the command of Jax and decide to save his rival from the Mass Shadow Generator.Jax pledged him forces to Drake instead of following his bothers in exile after the Mandalorian Surrender.However, during the trial, Kel feels too guilty and admits that he accidentally dropped the screw in the Tuna. After Kenan reads an inspiring novel by Ernest Hemingway, it gives him the idea to create some life goals to make his own life feel complete, but it leads to Kenan and Kel being stuck at the top of the Sears Tower.Kenan attempts to ask out a girl, who happens to be the daughter of his father's mean boss, Mr Dawson, but in the process, leaves a scandalous message on their answering machine.The i Heart Radio Music Festival is co-produced by John Sykes, president of entertainment enterprises and Poleman.

Kreia came to the council with a plan, she would bring a youngling to Revan as his padawan in the hopes that Revan would back out of the war to protect and train his padawan.Kenan and Kel must go to the house to swap the answering machine tape before the Dawsons come home and listen to it.Kenan has saved up almost enough money to buy a new bicycle just in time for the Christmas season, but will he really squander his hard-earned money on himself?However, he finally manages to buy one, despite the unknown fact that the car was stolen.Kenan then makes an agreement with the police to catch the thief, being the password: "the chipmunk has pneumonia".“After five years of producing some of the best lineups to ever take the stage, we’re excited to unveil one of the strongest i Heart Radio Music Festival rosters to date,” said Tom Poleman, president of national programming at i Heart Media.