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Number one; Henry could not – for the life of him – keep his room clean for a time span longer than a few hour.

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The Evil Dead II: 25th Anniversary Edition is packed with all-new special features that revisit every aspect of the film’s shoot with over 20 cast and crew members, plus tons of existing content and a thrilling new High-Definition 1080P transfer.

The Evil Dead II: 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Disc slays fans on November 15th for the suggested retail price of .99.

When they arrive they find a tape player, which of course they play. Maybe they get what they deserved when an evil…something…attacks them, possessing Linda and attacking Ash.

He is joined by a group of four additional characters: Annie Knowby (Sarah Berry), whose father owns the cabin; her boyfriend, Ed (Richard Domeier); a redneck named Jake (Dan Hicks); and his girlfriend, Bobbie Joe (Kassie Wesley).

Predictably, these characters are dispatched one-by-one, leaving Ash as the last one standing.

The two discover the Necronomicon, and, in no time, Linda is a zombie and Ash is forced to chop her up to save himself.

Before long, Ash is possessed, but he manages to fight off the demonic influence.