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THEY CONTINUE to be made in their traditional tapered rectangular shape because it is easier to extract the contents in one piece, thus allowing the block of corned beef to be sliced.

That's also why the cans also employ a key that enables the user separate one end of the body of the can: there's no seam to prevent the contents slipping out.

Europe produces about 25 billion tins of food every year, about the same as the US.

Sales of canned food always boom during a recession. A total of 640,000 cans of food are eaten in the city each day - that’s 58 cans for every 100 residents.

Originally, the cans were made by folding up folding tinplate sheet that produced the correct taper and soldering the seam.

Other artifacts on the site have been dated to the early 1920's, so what we can say is that the site was actively mined during the early 1900's.

As a new survey shows that each of us gets through an average of four tins a week, we discover how they became such a staple of modern life.

Today 5.5 billion cans of food are sold annually in the UK, down slightly from the peak of 6 billion in the 1980s.

When we first visited the site in the fall of 2009 we noted that there were limited existing remnants of this significant mine site.

Nothing is left of the headframe, processing structures, or living facilities of the past workers.