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But you know that real growth would be much more uncomfortable. It doesn’t try to count and measure how fast or slow it is growing. I can certainly relate to reading books, listening to music etc that you really don’t care about because you think you ought to.

It would kill the pattern, and in its place would be an expansion of possibility. It’s not about constantly seeking something outside yourself. Real growth is about embracing that power and doing it fearlessly. Too much growth leads to suffocation, bursted bubbles, and overpopulation. Real growth knows that sometimes it’s time to stop growing. In the end, real growth knows that it doesn’t really matter. It sounds as if you found out the hard way that you shoudn’t force yourself to do things that other people like.

Anyone who has ever attempted to intervene and change the course of someone suffering from drug or alcohol abuse knows it is not for the faint of heart.

People who are active in their addiction don’t have much empathy for the havoc they wreak or the pain they inflict on the people who love them.

Since, a recent University of Cambridge study found one in 25 millennials are now addicted to sex - a rising number that they believe is fueled by the internet porn industry.

Here, we speak to a group of sex therapists about what it means to be addicted to sex, when to realize it is a problem, and how to get treatment.

Obvious they may be, but they can never be overemphasized.

While partying he turned his attentions to 19-year-old model Bridget Satterlee (pictured) on Sunday, May 28, as he went from Cannes to Monaco on a yacht Disick was trying to explain his actions to ex-Kourtney Kardashian after he was spotted with different women.

is your “go-to” company for every aspect of getting help for your loved one.

No matter how sincere your efforts, trying to convince someone that they need help for a drug, alcohol or other addiction and need drug, alcohol or other addiction treatment “rehab” is best left to the professionals. are in recovery themselves, they know firsthand how the addicted mind is wired.

I was trying to cure an invisible illness: my perceived inadequacy. You don’t need to prove that to yourself by chasing hollow achievements. (On a side note: fake growth and “good ideas” seem to have a lot to do with each other.) It’s a tricky business. All of this stuff sounds pretty ridiculous when it’s laid out there. But it tends to be much trickier than that when you’re up close and in the trenches. Has me questioning which ‘growth’ I’m going through!

That inadequacy is a myth driven by the ego, and has nothing to do with real growth. Real growth has nothing to do with fixing anything. You can think you’ve pulled all the weeds of in-authenticity and the next thing you know, you’re realizing you’re doing something for the sake of “growth” that doesn’t really matter. The other problem I’ve found is that often you you’re really growing, but you’re just lying to yourself. You’ve developed a nice little pattern that cushions you and keeps you safe. It’s very similar to discussions of the idea of Doing Epic Shit. One point that stuck with me was about fake growth: doing things for the experience.