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Now imagine the other girls riding stationary alongside you are the Victoria's Secret Angels. Well, that's exactly what I did last night at Soul Cycle in Manhattan's Upper East Side for the 2nd Annual Supermodel Cycle ride--which donated 100% of its proceeds to the Pelotonia cancer charity bike ride in Columbus, Ohio. I kitted up in my fluoro-pink Victoria's Secret workout gear to chat with Angels Lindsay Ellingson, Erin Heatherton, Behati Prinsloo, my ultimate lady-crush Doutzen Kroes, and brand new spokes-angel Arlenis Sosa before we (ok, I) got our bums absolutely kicked by the seriously intense spin class.
When these songs come on, White People look at each other and say "Awwww yeah" or "Hell yeah" and are compelled to sing along.

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Archaeologists have found two Pharaonic statues dating back more than 3,000 years in a muddy pit in a Cairo suburb.

The relics were found in Mattarya district, a site of the pharaonic capital of Heliopolis, one of the oldest cities of ancient Egypt.

Foreign NGOs will be required to pay up to ,500 to start operations in Egypt, and are required to renew permits on a regular basis.

Centres of all types would need to re-register themselves as NGOs under the ministry of social affairs, regardless of the services they offer.

Muhammad Ali was the nephew of the "Ayan of Kavala" (Çorbaci) Husain Agha.

When his father died at a young age, Muhammad was taken and raised by his uncle with his cousins.

He later married Ali Agha's daughter, Emine Nosratli, a wealthy widow of Ali Bey.

In 1801, his unit was sent, as part of a much larger Ottoman force, to re-occupy Egypt following a brief French occupation that threatened the way of life in Egypt.

In a motion that was submitted on February 27, Kathleen accuses Hunter of 'dissipating hundreds of thousands of dollars of marital funds' by 'spending extravagantly on his own interests' in the year since the two made the decision to formally separate while asking the court to freeze his assets.

'The parties' outstanding debts are shocking and overwhelming,' states Kathleen in the filing, claiming they have 'maxed-out credit-card debt' and a 'tax debt of at least 3,970' among other owed expenses.

Kathleen and Hunter have also 'bounced three checks to their housekeeper and owe medical providers and therapists for outstanding bills' according to the motion.

4 March 1769 – 2 August 1849) was an Ottoman Albanian commander in the Ottoman army, who rose to the rank of Pasha, and became Wāli, and self-declared Khedive of Egypt and Sudan with the Ottomans' temporary approval.

Though not a modern nationalist, he is regarded as the founder of modern Egypt because of the dramatic reforms in the military, economic and cultural spheres that he instituted. The dynasty that he established would rule Egypt and Sudan until the Egyptian Revolution of 1952 led by Muhammad Naguib and Gamal Abdel Nasser. He was the second son of a tobacco and shipping merchant named Ibrahim Agha.