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Until the 16th century, boza was drunk freely everywhere, but the custom of making the so-called Tartar boza laced with opium brought the wrath of the authorities down on the drink, and it was prohibited by sultan Selim II (1566–1574).He describes a type of non-alcoholic sweet boza of a milk white color usually made by Albanians.Having achieved great business successes, It is well aware that it can reach even higher by expanding its goals.Nomination Category: Marketing Categories Nomination Sub Category: Marketing Campaign of the Year - Banking In Turkey’s banking industry, self-service models, like well designed internet branches, fully equipped ATM’s, mobile applications were already present but, none of these were completely independent of physical branches.also Chagatai, Ottoman Turkic, etc.; boza, ‘drink made of camel’s milk’ and Chuvash pora, its r-Turkic counterpart, which may ultimately be the source of the Germanic beer-word).Fermented cereal flour (generally millet) drinks have been produced by native Anatolians and Mesopotamians since the 9th or 8th millennia BC, and Xenophon mentioned in the 4th century BC how the locals preserved and cooled the preparations in earthen pots that were buried.. It enjoyed its golden age under the Ottomans, and boza making became one of the principal trades in towns and cities.They were busy during the day and hated most of all being called to a physical branch to finish a transaction in the middle of the day.Plus, they had some savings, for which they wished they could get better rates but never could find the time to bargain and fight for it.

See full summary » Onur, who has been deaf since birth, works as a librarian.

Gunduz and engineers with him must produce 2 cars in only 130 days! Yilmaz tries to rush his pregnant wife Neriman to the hospital and he crushes into Omer's car.

The sailors who were duped by woman sellers, want to steal their capitals to retaliate from them. This accident causes Omer's pregnant wife Inci, ...

He also edited the anthology Of Rocks and Water: Towards an Archaeology of Place (Oxbow Books, 2014).

Since 2010, he has been directing Yalburt Yaylası Archaeological Landscape Research Project, a diachronic regional survey project that addresses questions of place and landscape in Konya Province of west-central Turkey and the Hittite imperialism in a borderland region.