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Do not try to understand Ukrainian women within the standard features and characteristics - physical or psychological.

Dating is like fishing

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What better place to find your match than at a store that caters to fishing?Meeting someone randomly and instantly hitting it off sounds like a dream by today’s dating standards, but you never know who you may meet in a Bass Pro or Orvis aisle!Who knows–you could land the catch of a lifetime you’ve been waiting for!In the age of “new” dating made possible by the Internet and phone applications, conventional dating is harder but not a lost art.

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I didn't catch any, and I didn't get hooked on fishing. Sure, there are ladies who like to fish, but it's mostly men wading in rivers, leaning over bridges and boats, angling for the nibble that delivers every fisherman's desire: "tight lines." Why do dudes love fishing? Many guys tell me that fishing satisfies a primal hunting urge. nature, armed with only a pole, beer and sunscreen. One man explained fishing as extended periods of boredom punctuated with brief bouts of excitement - which to me describes dating.

The world of dating can be brutal and if you’re one of the singletons trying to navigate your way through the scene, the chances are at some point you’ve been ghosted, breadcrumbed or even benched.

But as if dating in the digital age of technology wasn’t hard enough, there’s a new term that could be putting your love life at risk and you’ve almost definitely experienced it without realising.

Conversation rarely got deep, but it was intimate time shared.

Now there's a reason to fish that I'll buy hook, line and sinker.