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Dating guys with bad teeth

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Easy question just tell the truth, would you ever date a girl with crooked teeth? =] I have a lovely boyfriend at the moment and I have top braces to fix up some over crowding and I have a missing tooth, waiting for my braces to pull a grown-up tooth down into place and coz I haven't had my braces for long my teeth are still quite crookered. I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and even if one part of you isn't gorgeous there are other parts of you that are really pretty, nobody can have it all I guess and no one person is perfection.

A guy will think you are gorgeous and maybe like some other things about you that will shine through more than how your teeth are.

However, when you finally meet said person, you immediately realize the one thing your friend conveniently failed to mention- they have terrible teeth. In fact, a recent study suggests that nearly 50 percent of us believe that a great smile is the most important feature in making a good impression; and even more important when considering a potential love interest.

In a recent interview, Dr Mark Hughes, founder and clinical director of the Harley Street Dental Group in London, comments on the importance of a good smile.

If you take away one little nugget from this article, let it be this: Never, ever let a good egg go because of bad breath, style or kissing.

These problems are fixable – and ultimately bearable, so making any of these annoyances an actual deal breaker would be an impulsive mistake.

My teeth are discolored from antibiotics I took when I was younger. The only solution is veneer which costs around 00 which I don't have. I do go to a dentist twice a year and brush my teeth, it's not like they're rotten or anything.

I'm glad I didn't let a less than perfect smile get in the way of loving my husband. He since has gotten them fixed and has a wonderful smile! Hes since spent thousands to get them fixed and has a gorgeous smile! My husband is 25 and has a full upper denture, and only 8 teeth on bottom. I've always been raised to think that if you're not taking care of something everyone sees then you can't be washing your a** lol...

My hubby had terrible teeth and poor dental hygiene when we met. We are in the process of getting a lower partial and I still think he's dead sexy. that being said I really only apply that rule to those with cavities & missing teeth & horrid bad breath..

“Having good teeth is a sign of youth and fertility-in our psyche, good teeth equal fitness and vitality.” But what about the other 50 percent?

Are bad teeth always a hard , or can their be charm in a slightly imperfect smile?