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The rate of new infections is rising fastest among younger adults, the CDC said.
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The 27-year-old bodybuilder and personal trainer turns to his side, lifting his front heel, and flexes his calf muscles.

He inflates his chest and curls his arm, stretching the tree of life tattoo imprinted on his deltoid six months ago.

He also booed up with actress Robin Givens in 1989 while she was estranged from husband Mike Tyson.

That allegedly didn’t sit too well with Iron Mike, but it doesn’t matter because the fling didn’t last very long.

Between 18, during the term of President Porfirio Díaz, the Mexican government was trying to modernize the country, especially in building railroads and developing the sparsely populated northern states.

When the government could not attract enough European immigrants, it was decided to allow Chinese migrant workers into the country.

If you look at many black men in Hollywood, sports, music or hell, just the black men in the world around you, you’ll find that a lot of them have dated white women, and done so proudly–which they should, it’s your life, and it’s a free country.

But on the opposite end of the color spectrum, there aren’t many white Hollywood men you can think of off the top of your head running around snapping photos arm-in-arm with African-American women.

He’s 5’2”, all muscle, and could pass for a teen idol, despite trading his spiky hair for a crew cut a fortnight ago.At first, small Chinese communities appeared mostly in the north of the country, but by the early 20th century, Chinese communities could be found in many parts of the country, including the capital of Mexico City.However, strong anti-Chinese sentiment, especially in Sonora and Sinaloa, led to deportations and illegal expulsions of Chinese-Mexican families in the 1930s with an official count of 618 Chinese-Mexicans by 1940.Way back in the late ‘80s, Pitt dated singer Sinitta (what is a Sinitta?), but supposedly the two didn’t last because of long-distance issues.Free, 505-954-5801, Axle presents a coloring book with five original stories and an exhibition of drawings by 67 of New Mexico's contemporary artists. They need to think their own thoughts and do their own things, creating quality work that addresses contemporary culture and its aesthetic.