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Dating a mercury outboard

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The advantage of this small boat and motor is they don't have to be licensed with the state because of its size.

425-822-0882 This 2013 small, folding, olive-colored 3 seat boat is outfitted for fishing with rod holders, swivel seats, a fish cleaning tray, anchor, oars, paddles, and an almost new 6 horse Suzuk outboard (used only 3 hours).

Mercury Marine no longer provides shop manuals to consumers nor information on motors produced, before March 2001, when OMC/Mercury was acquired by Bombardier Corporation. Will Charpentier is a writer who specializes in boating and maritime subjects.

I repair a lot of mercury outboards and recently seen a lot of defective starters, brush assemblies corroded with salt or just worn out.

The boat is unsinkable, weighs 78 lbs, and is easily attached to a rack on the top of a car or truck.

Identifying your Mercury outboard motor can be challenging, particularly if your motor was built prior to March of 2001.

Once in place, I check the proper position and turn the water on for flushing.

Engine blocks start life at Mercury Castings, a business unit of Mercury Marine that started producing castings for the parent product line of marine engines and components nearly 70 years ago.

This flusher works better than the round style as it easily covers the intake ports completely unlike round flushers that have to be set just right in order to do their job.

I've used it half a dozen times and I have not had the difficulties mentioned in other reviews.

The spring keeping it closed is stiff but that enables it to do its job better.

At the price of these starters, it is more cost effective to replace than repair.

The starter turned the engines (v6) over just as fast as a new OEM starter.